Lac du Marcheur Copper-Cobalt Project, Quebec

The Lac du Marcheur Cobalt Project covers an area of 1,780 hectares representing 35 active mineral claims, as well as an additional two pending claims hosting the Lac Pauzé showings (total of 119 ha) and is situated north and south of the Chilton Copper-Cobalt Project in Quebec, Canada.

The copper-cobalt mineralisation targeted is disseminated sulphides, stockworks (veins and veinlets) and massive sulphides associated with anorthositic gabbro. The Company determined that detailed magnetics and electromagnetic surveying would be the best method for detecting sulphides and associated structural targets.

The Company completed a heliborne geophysical program at the Project. The results of this heliborne Magnetic (MAG) and Time-Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) survey have been processed BEEN IMAGED received.  Initial processing of the MAG (Figure 4a) and TDEM (Figure 4b) data has highlighted several conductors aligned and coincident with magnetic trends/lineaments trending NW-SE to NNE-SSW (Figures 4a and 4b). These conductors/anomalies may be associated with graphitic and/or sulphidic zones and field work is now required to identify the source of the conductors/anomalies.

The next phase of exploration at the Lac du Marcheur Copper-Cobalt Project will include systematic rock chip and soil sampling to field test targets generated from interpretation of the MAG and TDEM imagery and initial field work.

Subject to the results of the initial field work, and any follow up sampling, drilling targets for high-grade copper-cobalt mineralisation will then be defined.

Figure 4a: Lac du Marcheur TMI Magnetics

Figure 4b: Lac du Marcheur early time TDEM

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